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Proteus Marketplace, a key module within the Proteus eco-system, can operate as a stand-alone product, or fully integrated within the Proteus OS. Proteus Marketplace offers a new way of accessing or finding talent. Simple, fast, efficient and offering huge savings. Post projects, search for rated talent, engage freelancers, invoice and pay all through a single, simple-to-use interface and wallet system.

Transactional Model Proteus Marketplace

How It Works

After creating a free account, freelancers and companies become part of Proteus Marketplace ecosystem. Companies can post projects, search for talent and engage freelancers. Freelancers can search for projects and apply for roles. All engagement, contracts, timesheets, invoices and payments are taken care of automatically within Proteus. If a company is using Proteus OS, the engagement is more advanced as the freelancer can quickly be added to the company OS account and begin work in the project environment. Proteus Marketplace operates using a transactional model with both company and freelancer paying 2% each.

Fast Simple and Efficient

Key Features

Proteus brings everybody into a single, simple to use system, with an interface designed for speed and ease of use. Freelancers can setup and manage their profile, they can store their key documents and they can setup their bank details for rapid payment. Freelancers can advertise themselves on an hourly/day rate basis, or offer a fee-based service. Freelancers can link with other freelancers and form a virtual team allowing them to bid for larger projects. Companies can search for talent, save talent to their favourites, engage with freelancers and send contracts – all within Proteus Marketplace environment. Proteus Marketplace has a 360 rating system allowing companies to rate each freelancer and be rated by the freelancer. The rating system is out of 10 and is a short questionnaire covering six key workflows.

Company Profile on Proteus Marketplace

Simplified Subcontracting

Proteus Marketplace is unique in that companies can also offer their services on this platform. This may be full services, or maybe resources they have available for short term hire. Rated companies, with full profiles, offer a quick way of finding and engaging a subcontractor. ProteusMarketplace is global, therefore offering companies free global advertising and global opportunities.

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