Xergy Group believes that our people underpin our business and generate success for our customers, our shareholders and our other stakeholders. As such, we aim to provide them with a working experience that enables them to deliver their best work. We also recognise the contribution that we can all collectively make to the societies in which we operate, through our example, and through our actions. Our societal commitments are as follows:

  •  To create a positive impact on our workers and their wellbeing, and on the communities and societies in which we operate.

The following are some of the ways in which we will achieve this:

  • Commitment to diversity and inclusion – We are committed to fairness, equality and diversity in all of our employment and recruitment practices, and will at all times be non-discriminatory, whether on grounds of gender, race, disability, or in any other way. We do not use zero-hours contracts and we have a fair remuneration policy.
  • Flexible working initiatives – We have a remote working policy and many of our employees are spread across different geographical locations. We run regular video sessions to ensure they stay connected and we aim to support our employees’ wellness in any way practical.
  • Training and Development – We promote and utilise Personal Development Plans for our employees to support their career and personal development.
  • Creating economic opportunity – In addition to our platform connecting workers to jobs, we are working with Scottish Enterprise on job creation in Scotland, the location of our head office. We are building our development team in Aberdeen and have created 10 new roles for Scottish workers.
  • Using our facilities for the good of the community – Post-pandemic we will reopen our Proteus Hub community facility at our head office where customers, partners and employees can meet, work and socialise.
  • Charitable time commitment – In the future we will be implementing a charitable time commitment into the contracts of our employees. This will provide them with a number of paid days per annum for volunteering with charitable organisations of their choice.