Proteus OS

Your business operating system for your company

Proteus OS is the heartbeat of Proteus and therefore the heartbeat of your company. Collaborate with team mates, work from anywhere, optimise your data, simplify your workflows.

Proteus OS consists of three modules; the proposal module, the project module and the invoice module. All three can be fully integrated to cover all of your workflows or you can use each as a discrete module.

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Proteus Overview

Proteus OS is the fully integrated, cloud based, work management system that is different from other ERP systems. Team collaboration, fast proposal writing, integrated time sheet tracking, accurate project management and an invoicing system that can be linked into your finance package.

Through the innovative admin console, Proteus OS can be configured for any company of any shape and size without development, therefore reducing setup time and costs to a minimum.

Proteus OS is fully integrated with Microsoft 365 and GSuite offering collaboration and standardisation on a completely new level.

flexibility. consistency. speed. cost savings.

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real-time data. instant visibility. accurate tracking.

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100% accuracy. integration with finance tools. integration with project management. reduced debtor days.

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