Simple Account Set-up

How It Works

The Proposal Module is a component part of the Proteus OS. Therefore, to access the proposal module, a company needs to create a Proteus account and add the required number of user licences. Proposal Module-only licences are charged at $25 (£20) / user / month. Billing is monthly or annually with two months free if paid annually. Proteus licences can be increased or reduced instantly and billing is fully pro-rated. Billing is controlled by the user in our Admin console without interaction with the sales team.

File integration with Microsoft and Google

Intelligent Integration

Proteus is fully integrated with Microsoft 365 and Google Drive. Proposal templates are built in Word or Docs and accessed from Proteus. The Proteus sidebar allows all Proteus components to be added to the document without using the cut and paste function. In addition, these components are “live”. That is, if they are changed in Proteus, this change will be replicated in Word or Docs. Proteus also replicates the permissions system of 365 and Drive therefore you control who can edit, view, or manage a proposal. This integration gives the full functionality of controlling the template, permissions, revisions of Proteus, and the full online collaboration and features of Microsoft Word and Google Docs.

Build templates with proposal software

Proposal Templates

Proposal templates can be developed for any style of proposal document; a call off, a major tender or client specific. There is no limit to the number of templates that can be developed using a companies’ own structure and branding. This offers two clear benefits; speed and consistency. The templates are pre-configured with all of the standard sections and there are placeholders for all of the key components that need to be developed. This speeds up proposal development considerably – hours instead of days. In addition, all proposals will have 100% consistency. Every document produced across a company will be the same and follow the same format. This becomes even more important as a company grows and has multiple offices in different jurisdictions.

Plan your project using CTRs

Cost Estimate, Team & Plan

Three consistent components of a proposal are the cost estimate, the team required for the project and the project plan. Proteus simplifies all three of these workflows by using 100% consistent data from a number of databases. The cost estimate is built using a cost, time, resource (CTR) structure, bringing in costs (or charge out rates) from agreed contracts. These costs can be for anything a company is selling; software, equipment, vessels, hours, etc. Developing a project team using our resource planning tool and CVs stored in a consistent format speeds this process up considerably and through the notification system, we ensure all the teams CVs are up to date. The project plan can be built from the CTRs which allows for the structure to be developed at the click of a button and then accurate timing added. All of these components can be quickly added to the proposal document using the full integration with Microsoft 365 and Google Drive.

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