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How It Works

The Project Module is a component part of the Proteus OS. Therefore, to access the Project Module, a company
needs to create a Proteus account and add the required number of user licences. Project Module-only licences are charged at $25 (£20) / user / month. Billing is monthly or annually with two months free if paid annually. Proteus licences can be increased or reduced instantly and billing is fully pro-rated. Billing is controlled by the user in our Admin console without interaction with the sales team.

Project Dashboard

Project Dashboard

Each project has its own dashboard with a simple interface which shows who is working on the project, high level or detailed budget information, actual versus estimated monthly cash burn, timesheet summary showing time left and booked, and actual versus estimated gross and net margin. The aim of the dashboard is to enable project
managers to quickly, using the visual tools, see the status of the project and take appropriate action if required. Access to the Dashboard is driven by permissions. That is, you decide who has access to the information, which for some companies is quite sensitive. These same permissions can apply to the Microsoft 365 and G-Suite integration in granting access to specific project folders – you decide.

Resource Scheduling

Project Management

The project management page offers more detailed information than is available on the dashboard. Users are
added to CTRs, limiting the project codes they can book to and ensuring timesheets cannot be over-booked. Individual tasks can be measured here to view the detailed status of a project. The project management page also simplifies the addition of variation orders, the production of customisable weekly reports and the addition of purchase orders. All of this can be added quickly and comes fully integrated with the project dashboard and the invoicing module if it has been selected for

Track Utilisation

Project Tracking

A good timesheet system is at the heart of every good project management system, however Proteus has included three other elements that can be tracked: software, equipment and expenses. It should also be noted that this is 100% configurable. Software can be changed to vessels, equipment can be changed to training courses. Whatever it is you sell Proteus can track. Tracking utilisation is also included in this section. Individual utilisation, team utilisation or custom group utilisation. You can build your own groups and then generate reports automatically on a weekly or monthly basis.

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