Our Journey

We are at the beginning of what the founders believe will prove to be a genuinely transformational journey for business efficiency and talent connectivity in the Energy sector. Our Work Management Automation platform is designed to be a the heart of our clients digital ecosystem and will accelerate digital and data transformation for our clients and users. It is our genuine aim to be at the forefront of the industries evolution to a zero carbon future.

Having experienced the industries third major downturn since 1986 the founders recognised that with an ageing workforce and further depressed business margins across the energy supply chain the industry needed fundamental change. With an increasingly louder call for a zero carbon future the traditional energy industry was rapidly becoming an industry that was out of step with public opinion. The survival of the industry , already broken , required a radical new strategy which could deliver energy diversification , rapid digitisation , process optimisation and connectivity with capability. For James McCallum and Colin Manson the answer was the creation of Xergy and the development of the Work Management Automation platform Proteus.

Oct '18
Xergy is founded

Energy industry veterans Colin Manson & James McCallum meet to discuss how they could transform operating models in the energy industry.

Apr '19
F&F Fund raise

After 6 months of market research, talking to potential customers, scoping and early stage development of the platform we were ready for investment to accelerate platform development.

May '19
Partnerships formed

Xergy partners with Dot Zero software development company to drive the development of Proteus and Gneiss Energy to advise on strategy and finance.

Apr '20
SEED A Fund raise

Xergy raise £1.8M and continue to develop Proteus. The team expands in both the UK and the UAE with the addition of a sales and marketing team.

Jun '20
Proteus OS

Proteus OS launched to market to positive reviews. Product market fit confirmed.

Sep '20
Proteus Marketplace

Proteus Marketplace launched to market. Over 1,000 gig workers sign up in the first month.

Oct '20
First Sale

Xergy signs up first three customers for Proteus OS and first five for Proteus Marketplace.

Nov '20
Innovation Grant

Scottish Enterprise award us £725k innovation grant/loan. "Proteus could transform business in Scotland".

Nov '20
Development moved

Development brought in house, creating 10 new jobs in Scotland.

Dec '20

Secure our first Whitelabel partnership for Proteus Marketplace in finance vertical.

Jan '21

Released key integration capability including Microsoft 365 & Google Workspace. Proteus becomes the 'glue' between core business systems.

Feb '21

Proteus operates across the entire energy sector and is increasingly seen as a key component for companies transitioning to a low carbon future.

Mar '21
Purchasing Module

Launch new Purchasing module for Proteus OS. Over 3,000 quality gig workers on Proteus Marketplace.

Apr '21
SEED A+ Fund Raise

Xergy seek to raise further investment to accelerate growth and expand into other regions.

Our future history

Proteus will become the goto product for the energy industry. The glue that connects people and companies, brings increased efficiency and improves profitability. Work.simplified.