Simple Account Set-up

How It Works

The Invoice Module is a component part of the Proteus OS. Therefore, to access the project module, a company needs to create a Proteus account and add the required number of user licences. Invoice Module-only icences are charged at $10 / user / month. Billing is monthly or annually with two months free if paid annually. Proteus licences can be increased or reduced instantly and billing is fully pro-rated. Billing is controlled by the user in our Admin console without. interaction with the sales team.

Invoicing Software to know you get paid

Project Integration

Invoicing is often separated from project management and involves a manual process of gathering project data and developing the invoices manually from this. It is often a separate team that is invoicing a project from the team managing a project, and this introduces time delays and errors.  Proteus’ invoice tool is fully integrated with the Proteus project management tool, or it can be integrated with any other tool through our open API. Automatically producing invoices from the project management system puts the project manager in control and ensures the invoices are 100% accurate. In addition, this reduces the time to produce and issue the invoice, resulting in a reduction in debtor days.

Create invoices and send

Fast Development, Approval and Issue

In Proteus, creating, approving and sending invoices is all performed from a single interface that all key parties have access to. The project manager approves the line items and this automatically creates invoices. Invoices can then be approved and edited at this stage. The project manager can then send invoices, all within a single collaborative interface.

The process taken to create and send invoices can typically last for days before internal approval is reached, with every day adding another debtor day to the cycle. Invoicing can be done in hours through Proteus’ invoicing software, making it simple for customers to pay you faster. Anybody in control of finances knows how much this means to the bottom line and the business’ cash flow.

Integrate your invoicing software

Finance Integration

The Invoice software module can easily be integrated with accounting software such as Sage, Xero, Financialforce, etc. This integration is via our open API and allows two way communication with the accounting software. Users can synchronise invoicing with management accounts, bank accounts and expenses. This means invoices are accurately issued and get paid faster. Real-time notification of payment allows the Proteus project management system to be updated automatically, which drives the traffic light system on project status.

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