Xergy Group recognises that strong governance is both an important responsibility and is fundamental to our success as we scale up our business.  We have a strong governance framework in place that enables us to facilitate top-line growth, reduce costs, and ensure regulatory and legal compliance whilst increasing employee productivity, and optimising investment and capital expenditures. Our governance commitments are as follows:

  • Create and maintain management structures and policies that reflect our commitment to accountability, equality and transparency in how we conduct ourselves.

The following are some of the ways in which we will achieve this:

  • Leadership – Our Leadership team adopts an active governance approach so they can make proper judgments and decisions with regard to all aspects of the business. We engage a third party legal firm to ensure that our Board is regularly refreshed on their directors duties and liabilities relating to governance. The Board has oversight of all organisational controls and reporting.
  • Stakeholder communication – We communicate openly and regularly with our stakeholders ensuring they are kept informed along our journey. We have clear terms, policies and contracts in place with all customers and partners. We are open about our data privacy and compliance policies, aligning to all relevant regulatory and legal requirements where we operate. All of our employees have fair contracts in place supporting their working styles and requirements such as remote working.
  • Financial governance – We produce regular financial reports to monitor and manage the business against the plan. We have comprehensive internal controls and reporting procedures in place to manage all business expenditures. Authority limits and dual approvals for capital & operational expenditure are embedded to ensure strong financial controls. Remuneration guidelines are in place and we have a remuneration committee that reviews any non-standard proposals. We adhere to all relevant accounting guidelines.
  • Risk Assessment – Mindful of the ICAEW’s guidance for directors, we have a sound system of internal controls to assess the nature and extent of any risks, the threat of such risks becoming reality, the company’s ability to reduce the incidence and the impact on the business if the risk crystallises.  The Board reviews all significant risks regularly, and updates our risk register accordingly.
  • External audit & transparency – We focus on our core technology business and engage accredited specialists for legal advice & accounting services. We have invested in technology systems to streamline our business processes, enable ease of external audit, and provide transparency in our reporting.