Proteus is the operating system at the heart of your company. Collaborate, connect and exchange information globally.


Proteus OS

Your business operating system for your company.

Proteus OS is the heartbeat of Proteus and therefore the heartbeat of your company. Collaborate with team mates, work from anywhere, optimize your data, simplify your workflows.

Proteus OS consists of three modules; the proposal module, the project module and the invoice module.

All three can be fully integrated to cover all of your workflows or you can use each as a discrete module.

flexibility. consistency. speed. cost savings.

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real-time data. instant visibility. accurate tracking.

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100% accuracy. integration with finance tools. integration with project management. reduced debtor days.

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Proteus Marketplace

Optimize your team by connecting to rated professionals effortlessly.

The Proteus Marketplace offers a new way of accessing or finding talent. Simple, fast, efficient and offering huge savings. Post projects, search for rated talent, engage freelancers, invoice and pay all through a single simple to use interface and wallet system.

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Proteus Xchange

Proteus Xchange is a moderated social media style, technical forum for professionals. Proteus users can post, answer and engage with communities to answer questions, debate technical queries and find out the latest trends.

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