Who we are

Xergy is the company behind Proteus the Work Management Automation platform digitally transforming the energy sector. Through our category-defining Proteus platform, Xergy is radically changing how companies connect with talent and manage projects. Proteus enables organisations to get ready for tomorrow’s economy today.

Proteus OS Diagram

Xergy was founded by energy industry veterans who knew transformation within the industry was required. The desire to be more efficient, the need to change old habits and the move to a low carbon economy are all cornerstones of our ground-breaking Proteus platform.

Proteus goes beyond enterprise resource management and project management software to create a new paradigm in Software as a Service for companies in the transitioning energy sector.

Transforming the heart of your business, Proteus is the globally optimised cloud-based hub that brings together all project operations, resources and finances, wherever they are. Integrated with MS and Google as well as all leading business tools, the Proteus ecosystem is designed to provide full control over projects with real-time visibility, powering on-time, accurate, consistent work, and driving better profitability: work. Simplified.

Our Mission

Transform the way the energy industry operates. By enabling the energy industry to embrace new technology and new ways of working, our systems will become the standard in business efficiency and knowledge connection.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a platform that accelerates the energy transition and digital transformation for the $1.85trn global energy sector, enabling critical energy and infrastructure projects to be delivered on time and on budget in a low carbon world.

Our Values

Elegant simplicity – Our products are easy to understand, intuitive, simple to use and easily integrate with other software platforms. We deliver products that work “out of the box”, can be provisioned quickly and do not need expert configuration.

Investor in people – We are building a global team that is diverse, excited, driven and passionate about the direction of the company. People are literally our business.

Enabling the future – We will focus on enabling a low carbon world by helping energy companies move quickly to deliver vital sustainable and cleantech energy projects on-time, and on-budget. Creating a connected, rated workforce that is truly global and flexible. 

Commitment to quality – We are creating a network of consultants that is global, rated and easy to access. We connect the best companies with the best talent in a transparent way.

Shareholder Focused – We will deliver maximum shareholder value by relentlessly focusing on the performance of the business, and keeping our shareholders informed as to our progress.