Use Proteus to find freelancers for your projects

Use the Proteus Marketplace to find and connect with rated freelancers or specific services. Once engaged through the Marketplace, freelancers can be given access to a company’s Proteus account and that is it Рthey are now part of your team.

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Craig Starling

Confidence through rated professionals.

Rapid engagement through seamless onboarding.

Cost effective. Lower fees than recruitment fees.

Reduced fixed cost - pay as you go.

Reduced overhead due to less space and infrastructure.

Spot future utilisation issues with resource planning and advertise your under-utilised staff on The Marketplace

Connect instantly with rated professionals

Use Proteus to find and manage the freelancers you need to resource your project work, without the normal overheads and risks.


Sign up for a Proteus Company account (free trial available).


Configure Proteus to suit your company (no programming required).


Start using Proteus and get your processes, projects and profitability in order.


Connect with freelancers when you need them.

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The Marketplace

The Marketplace is an integral part of Proteus that allows a company to optimise their team. Post a project, search for a skill, review rated professionals and connect with them in minutes.


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Changing our business model is crucial to staying competitive in this low margin environment. Using skilled professionals on demand allows me to reduce our fixed cost and increase efficiency.

Muhammed Darl, MD, Leading UAE Energy Consultancy