Employee spotlight: Raunak Datt

Raunak Datt

What do you do here at Proteus?

I handle our content marketing and copywriting!

How did you get into the field?

I started writing short stories when I was 13 so I technically got into some form of my field back then. As I got into my career, I learnt that I had a knack for writing copy that sells and content that people would read so now that's what I do!

What’s the most challenging thing about your job?

Building a culture of content process. Content like any other traffic generating tool is a process. Building a culture of learning, creating and auditing is important so we know that anything we create actually benefits the user. Following the process can often be overlooked when you're just in "get it done" mode but it's my job to make sure we always ask questions and learn as we go along.

What do you love most about Proteus?

The marketplace feature. Alright, I may have a head start with it since it's not launched yet but trust me when I say this will help so many companies find quality talent instantly!

What’s the first thing you do when you get off work?

It's either making a sandwich or heading to my climbing gym.

What do you like to do in your spare time? What are your hobbies?

Bouldering, Music, Kitesurfing. Travelling if I could teleport.

Tell us something about you we would never guess (What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?)

Willingly jumped out of a plane with a parachute, luckily.