Oil and Gas - Built on a platform of spreadsheets

Colin Manson

Oil and Gas - Built on a platform of spreadsheets

Let us take the development of a proposal, a tender, a bid.  All proposal documents are different, however they are all a variation of a theme.  It most likely has four key sections; methodology, commercial, team and project plan.  I am ignoring all of the standard text that would surround this and just concentrating on these four.

The methodology might involve a flowchart that you develop in Excel or possibly powerpoint.  The commercial section involves building a cost estimate, and I bet you do this in a spreadsheet.  Even worse, to get the cost estimate, I bet you have to find the contract and extract the agreed rates to input to your spreadsheet.

The team requires a mini organigram to be developed, and I bet you do this in Excel or Powerpoint.  In addition, you might need to add CV’s in so this means hunting for CV's on the server and making sure they are up to date.  The project plan does not need a full Microsoft Project plan, so you pull something together in Excel.  

You then have to bring it all together into a single document and add a commentary.  So, you are cutting and pasting between all the Microsoft applications and tearing your hair out and a few hours work has just taken four days. 

Fast forward to a world of Proteus.  You will be able to do everything discussed above in a single environment.  Everything is integrated, and it is designed for speed so your four day proposal will take four hours.  The contract you cannot find is stored in a database, and accessed with one click, and the rates you use are always right.  The cost estimate is built up in a dedicated estimator with no way of making an error. All the CV’s are stored in a database and accessed at the click of a button, and the project plan is built automatically from your cost estimate.  This feature may not sound like much to some of you. However, if you do bids on a regular basis you will get it, and you will be looking for that signup button faster than a new version of Excel needs a patch.

Of course, lightning speed and integrated proposal development is only one way Proteus will improve your life.  We want to do this with every aspect, so I cannot stress enough - sign up now and get access to the beta version, witness the savings and save yourself from falling out with Microsoft - again.