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Proteus changes the way you work. Proteus manages your business. Proteus improves your margin. Proteus makes you more efficient. Proteus enables your team to work from anywhere. Proteus Connects.

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Why Proteus?

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Increase Efficiency

Manage all resourcing, software, equipment, expenses, invoicing, timesheeting and utilisation in the same place as your proposal writing, contract management and project workflows.

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Reduce fixed costs

Move away from a fixed cost model to an on-demand model. Pay for what you need, when you need it driving all of your metrics in the right direction.

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Drive Performance

We give you a better view of your projects, profit and performance by tracking and automating reports for all stages of the project cycle.

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Desktop and Mobile applications

Work remotely

Proteus is a feature rich cloud based application supported by the Proteus mobile app.

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Proteus OS is the heartbeat of Proteus and therefore the heartbeat of your company. Collaborate with team mates, work from anywhere, optimize your data, simplify your workflows. The Marketplace connects companies and freelancers. Optimize your team by connecting to rated professionals effortlessly. The Gateway gives companies and freelancers access to the tools of their trade. If you need expensive software as part of your workflows rent it, don’t buy it. Xchange is all about knowledge transfer. If you don’t know how to do something - ask Xchange.

Optimize the
Size of Your Team

Engage rated freelancers quickly and efficiently from anywhere in the world.

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More Features

Fully Integrated

Client, contract, proposal, document, project, team and invoice management all in one single system.

Service Market Place

Advertise or find a skill. Advanced search finding the best opportunities.


A social media styled technical forum to allow users to ask questions and and search for answers.


An in-built app store to allow you to develop your own apps for unique workflows, technical calculations or specific business applications.

Document Management

Proteus automatically numbers every single document and stores everything in a database. Finding documents has never been easier.

100% invoice accuracy

All invoices are generated from data stored in databases. No manual entry means zero errors.

There is no question that Proteus is a gamechanger. The industry has been waiting for this operating system with everything in the same place.

Doug Greig, Head of Sales, CEEM.